WHEN God made Eve as Adam’s helpmeet, the union, although hidden until the revelation given through the Apostle Paul, was above all an expression of God’s eternal purpose and plan of the Church, the Body of Christ. And, for all mankind from the beginning, God’s provision for societal harmony and replenishment of the earth was one man with one woman. (Genesis 1-2).

ANY break or digression from that divine plan brings sin, trouble and judgment. Due to the fallen nature and hardness of man’s heart, at times God allowed man to break His garden pattern but there were always consequences.

GREAT men like Abraham, Moses, David, righteous men of faith, had their own battles with the flesh. All paid dearly for their sin. Male/female attraction is strong and actually necessary. The very reproduction of the human race requires it. But the purpose was never to be made a mere flesh trade of base feelings. The higher purpose of male and female attraction is spiritual; those who never find that ideal will miss the joy of the greater part of life.

THE home with husband, wife and children is the basic building block and strength of human government. It is only there that we find a relaxed forum of interaction in conversation tempered by love, where there can be a give and take of ideas, dreams and aspirations by both parents and children. Even those, who through no fault of their own fail to have children, that union of man and woman built on the word of God is blessed and happy.

NO congress of men or form of government can function well or last long when the majority of members know nothing of the “hearth and heart.”