One Book, Rightly Divided- II Timothy 2:15

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The “babe in the manger” was “God manifest in the flesh” (1 Timothy 3:16 KJB). Look at the contextual progression of Philippians 2:4-11. 1 Christ Jesus (2:5)    2 Equal with God (2:6)        3 Made—no reputation (2:7)              4 took—form of a servant (2:7) Made—likeness of men […]

New Galatians 3 Study

A new Galatians 3 study on the “Seed of Abraham” is located by clicking ‘Webcasting’ –‘Galatians’ button and scrolling to Galatians Lesson 11 – or click here to open the link in a new tab. Note this will take you away from to our video hosting sister site.

A message for our nation

A message for our nation: “I pray that our nation may not copy the crimes of the nations that have perished, and our cup of blessing turn to wormwood and like them we go down. I am by nature and by grace an optimist, and I expect that this country will continue to advance until […]

A thousand hours..

A thousand hours with the "Church Fathers" is far less productive than a fraction of that time with scripture. It is more profitable to meditate on the pure words of God than the fallible words of men.. The King James Bible is sealed by the blood of martyrs that died to keep it. It has […]


Accurate calendar dating of prophetic events in the future is impossible. This is evident by the various attempts to date prophetic events by many men for many years–both Bible believers and Bible critics. Hebrew and Greek expertise does not help the problem and neither does believing the English of the King James Bible. There are […]


Read Part 1 here » English Etymology of Church According to the Oxford English Dictionary [OED], “etymology” is “the process of tracing out and describing the elements of a word with their modifications of form and sense.” The English word church comes from a Scottish and North England term “kirk.” The term is still used […]

Church – Part 1

CHURCH: The word church is a Bible word, a word defined by contextual usage in the King James Bible. In order to understand the doctrine of the church, the term must always be defined by how it is used in the biblical context. The English word church is the usual translation of the Greek word, […]

Excerpt: The Acts of the Apostles

To our readers: Here is a small study out of one of my unfinished commentaries. I do admit to the Acts Commentary being one of my many “irons in the fire” but hopefully, The Acts of the Apostles will soon be completed. Acts 2:1 And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were […]


WHO IS MY FRIEND? And Jesus said unto him, Friend, wherefore art thou come? Then came they, and laid hands on Jesus, and took him. (Matthew 26:50). It would be a strange use of the word “friend” if Jesus had meant a dear or close friend in Matthew 26:50. Was His reference to Judas a […]

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