EOTEM has started over 200 churches since 1993 and four more this past year–all by the grace of God and by help from individuals and churches. All are pastored by our Bible school grads and are independent KJB Baptist churches. Some of our churches have even started other churches out of their own membership.
Frank Langote  seated in the middle

The latest church project is pastored by Frank Langote. He is a graduate of Open Bible College Panay, 2014. He is now in Culasi, Antique his home place. We helped him get his property with a small land fee and initial building materials so he can build his church there. There are no gospel preaching churches in the area. Many are hearing the gospel for the first time.

He is single but praying to marry his girlfriend a year or so from now so they both can have their ministry going.

He wants to build a two story wooden building so they can live in the second floor while the church in the first floor.

He is conducting 7 Bible studies in the village and they are eager to start the church services in the new church building.

Bldg Materials

Church Lot

Frank Langote at NTBC

His men