A simple gospel message of 15 min combined with Bible info prepared for USA and Philippine Bible schools.

Introduction to the Book of Philippians
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Although this study is an intro only and not “deep” doctrine, notice the chart which includes 1 and 2 Thess in the PRISON EPISTLES–a fact that every so-called “Berean” denies. They must rearrange the Bible and put 1 and 2 Thess in the Romans-Galatians section. No Berean believes the KJB as it says it, where it says it . They all must charge the KJB with error not only in the translation of “washings” in Hebrews, but also in the placement of the Bible books in order to prove their fanatical, anti-water baptism fantasy. They all charge Paul with ignorance in the Acts period and are forced to charge God Himself with ignorance in the order of His Book.

Another aside: Paul preached in Philippi in Acts and baptized converts (when, according to the hyper-anti-water nuts, he ignorantly baptized) and now in Prison (which, according to the “Berean” nuts he is now enlightened that water baptism is a sin) he never mentions to the Philippians that he was wrong in baptizing those converts! This is only one of a score of reasons I am not a so-called “Berean” or “hyperdispensationalist” who teaches “anti-water baptism” and splits churches and Christian fellowship. The “Bereans” are as fanatical on anti-water being the basis of fellowship as the Campbellites (Church of Christ) are of the necessity of water baptism for salvation.