A thousand hours with the "Church Fathers" is far less productive than a fraction of that time with scripture. It is more profitable to meditate on the pure words of God than the fallible words of men..

The King James Bible is sealed by the blood of martyrs that died to keep it. It has produced more spiritual fruit than all Bible versions. To ignore the KJB and strike out on a new path to seek a "better" meaning from the mass of Hebrew or Greek manuscripts is also foolish. Our King James Bible has the seven seals of God upon it and has already been tried by fire; it is the greatest source of spiritual blessing for all time. Why try to improve the masterpiece? Why seek some dead thought fallen in the dust of history to replace a living, pure, life giving word?

“Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.” (Psalm 119:140)

My King James Bible is before me and in my hand. Before I knew Greek or Hebrew or Latin, the Bible words in my language brought me from death in the flesh to eternal life in the Spirit. Having begun in this Book, shall I now be made perfect by another?

I profess not to know more than all other men, but what I know from scripture, I must speak. If I speak truth, fruit will come forth to the glory of God, and stand. -–Dave Reese