Reese Chart Bible Study 2.0- Masters Degree Option

The Second Edition of Reese Chart Bible Study on CD is a full Bible School Curriculum within itself. Interactive tests have been added to most of the study topics. Finish the topic of study and click “Test” and immediately you have a comprehensive test to check your knowledge.

The full commentaries on The Gospel of Matthew, The Book of Hebrews, and other books written by Dave Reese are included. Tests are also included for each chapter of Matthew and Hebrews. Over 25 color charts are in the study.

Practical and Doctrinal outlines and studies are included. Among the Unusual sections on the CD, is one of notes, illustrations, quotes, and outlines from Dr. Reese’s Bible. Compiled and handwritten by Dr. Reese in the margin of his Bible for over 45 years, it is interesting, helpful, and inspiring. Over 1000 pages of Bible Study!

See the static version of the chart right here.

Masters candidates will complete a project the Reese Chart Bible Study. Student will be contacted  after purchase to be assigned degree courses on the chart.

**Upon download, open the “How to Use” file**

Price: $700.00
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